Salty Man

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Salty Man Juice Box ICE - 30ml

Salty Man Juice Box  ICE- 30mlJuice Box is a unique fruit and apple based nicotine salt flavore..


Salty Man Purple Reign - 30ml

Salty Man Purple Reign - 30mlYour favorite candy flavor is here and it is more realistic than ever! ..




Salty Man Blue's Lemonade - 30ml

Salty Man Blue's Lemonade - 30mlBlue's Lemonade is an ode to our favorite sweet blue raspberry candi..


Salty Man Chew - 30ml

Salty Man Chew - 30mlLike old school bubblegum e-liquid flavors? Well then you came to the righ..


Salty Man Hoops - 30ml

Salty Man Hoops - 30mlHoops is a flavorful blend of fruity cereal. The blend of fruits creates the s..


Salty Man Juice Box - 30ml

Salty Man Juice Box  - 30mlJuice Box is a unique fruit and apple based nicotine salt flavored e..


Salty Man Kacti Kooler - 30ml

Salty Man Kacti Kooler - 30mlKacti Kooler, a fresh orange soda styled e-liquid that is a reminder of..


Salty Man Kool Peach - 30ml

Salty Man Kool Peach - 30mlKool Peach is a unique and fresh nicotine salt based e liquid flavor that..


Salty Man Marshmallow Crispy - 30ml

Salty Man Marshmallow Crispy- 30mlMarshmallow Crispy is an incredible desert based flavoring that co..


Salty Man Pink Milk - 30ml

Salty Man Pink Milk - 30mlThis sweet and creamy flavor from your classic strawberry milk brand ..


Salty Man Seedless Sour - 30ml

Salty Man Seedless Sour - 30mlSeedless Sour is a perfect fruity combination of a of watermelon ..